Prayer/Praise Requests

Prayer is loving communication with God. Prayer is the expression of our inner spiritual needs. Through prayer we can find strength of spirit, guidance, wisdom, joy and peace (Psalms 118:5-6, Psalms 138:3, Isaiah 58:9-11, Philippians 4:6-7, 1 Peter 5:7).

Prayer may be long or short, alone or in a group, silent or aloud, but it should be a true communication with God and not done for public recognition (Matthew 6:5-8). Important aspects of prayer include:

  1. Expressions of faith and trust in God
  2. Confession of our sins
  3. Praise of God's mighty deeds
  4. Thanksgiving for all the good things we have received
  5. Dedication to serve God and other people
  6. Requests for our needs and the needs of others

We are working to build a community of prayers within our church family. Here is where you can share your requests with others or have them privately sent to our church staff.


Submit a Prayer Request