Our Vision

The purpose of the Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church (CRC):

to glorify God by nurturing growth, both encouraging and equipping our members, and bringing good news in ministry and service to the community. As a church we are therefore committed in the power of the Holy Spirit to:

  1. Reaching Up in prayer, worship, confession and praise.
  2. Reaching In with Bible study, discipling, fellowship, and member care.
  3. Reaching Out with service and witness in word and in deed.

Vision statement for Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church:

At Sunnyside CRC we will seek to be a light in this community demonstrating Christ's word, hope, and love to all.

In order to strive towards achieving this mission and vision into the future, we must continue to promote our Core Values. These Core Values were written and adopted by our Council to present to our congregation and challenge them with carrying them out. Our Leadership must first and foremost take these Core Values seriously and set the example by which we expect the congregation to follow. These Core values should continue to be promoted by our Shepherding Elders through home visits as well as promotion from the pulpit throughout the year.  The Core Values of SCRC are as follows:

We encourage every person in our church to:

  1. Attend a corporate worship service at least once a week.
  2. Develop a habit of personal worship of and devotion to God through daily time with him.
  3. Have Bible reading and prayer time with family and friends.
  4. Be part of a small group for accountability before God and His Word.
  5. Build relationships with un-churched friends so they can be introduced to Christ and grow to maturity in Him.
  6. Be involved in at least one ministry task where a person’s spiritual gifts are put to work in building up the body of Christ in its local expressions.
  7. Pray daily for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed through word and deed in our homes, in our church, in our community, in our state, and throughout the world.
  8. Encourage and promote a spirit of Biblically based stewardship among our membership.
  9. Take our parental and communal commitment and responsibility to our youth seriously by actively and methodically nurturing them to respond to Christ’s calling in their lives.